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Smart mirrors, robot butlers and talking toilets: The incredible smart home gadgets from CES to look out for in 2018

Every year, the huge Consumer Electronics Show technology trade show in Las Vegas sets the pace for the coming year in technology – and 2018 is no exception.

But it isn’t all huge TVs and high-powered handhelds: there’s some insane smart home gadgets on display too. From a talking fridge, to a ‘smart mirror’ which actually tells users when they have bags under their eyes, we take a look at the insane and ground-breaking technology coming in 2018.

Smart mirrors

The HiMirror Mini, an internet-connected smart mirror with Amazon’s Alexa, was shown off at CES Unveiled. The mirror can tell users if they are looking wrinkly or if they have bags under their eyes, and offer helpful beauty tips.

Robotic dogs

Sony’s much-loved robot dog Aibo made a return on stage at CES this year. The new AIBO can run toward its owner and detect smiles and words of praise, and can remember what actions please the owner. Its slightly eerie, glowing eyes are made of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays which allow it to display robotic emotions.

Pants that stop radiation

These boxer shorts promise to insulate the wearer’s groin area from 99% of Wi-Fi and mobile phone radiation, which some believe can impact fertility. They work using fabric with strands of silver woven through it, a technology derived from space suits.

Smart suitcases

The ForwardX CX-1 feels incredibly futuristic – it follows its owner through the airport on its own motorised wheels, using facial recognition and a controller wristband worn by its owner.

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ TV

The Consumer Electornics Show wouldn’t be complete without some mind-bogglingly huge TVs – and Samsung didn’t disappoint, with a 146-inch modular TV called The Wall. It showcases a new screen technology called Micro LED, which may be able to offer high picture quality at lower prices.

LG’s 65-inch rollable OLED TV

LG unveiled a paper-thin 65-inch OLED TV which users can roll up like an actual sheet of paper allowing it to be rolled up and stored away when not in use, rather than dominating your living room.

Personal air bags

The Hip’Air airbag senses when its wearer is about to fall – and automatically inflates airbags on the side to break someone’s fall. Its creators say it could be a revolutionary device for elderly patients.

Smart fridges

Smart fridges aren’t brand new, but Samsung unveiled a talking fridge at this year’s CES. It can also work as the hub for other smart home gadgets, comes with a voice assistant built in, AKG speakers and connects to other appliances.

Super quick (and eco-friendly) dishwashers

The Tetra dishwasher sits on your kitchen worktop and can get two portions of place settings (cutlery, crockery and glasses) clean in just 10 minutes. ,It only uses 2 litres of water each time so is incredibly friendly to the environment too. It can also be controlled and monitored via an app which allows you to make tweaks to the cycle or start remotely.

More smart lights

Like the triangular versions already available, these new square Nanoleaf panels can be linked together to create a giant wall of colour. However, this updated version allows for you to connect up to 1,000 of them instead of the 30 of the previous model. These new square panels will apparently be touch sensitive too so you can dim or change the colour with just a simple touch.

A robot butler

We’ve been promised (and desperately looking forward to) a robot butler to take care of the housework for decades, and now we finally have one! Aoelus is a wheeled household robot that can recognise most household items and has the ability to pick them up and place them where they belong (based on the settings you provide). You can get extra accessories and attach brooms or vacuum cleaners so it can get on with the housework too.

Smart outdoor lights

Smart security company, Ring, picked CES as the venue to announce its acquisition of Mr Beam, a company that makes wireless outdoor lights. These easy to install, modular lights feature motion-sensors, app control and wireless communication with doorbells and security cameras that will ensure they turn on and off at the right times.

Smart window cleaners

Robot window cleaners aren’t particularly new, but now the Winbot X is here to make them even more impressive. This product has a rechargeable battery rather than needing a power cable which means it can run through an entire cycle without you having to do anything. Genius.

A voice-activated toilet

A voice activated loo, it features mood lighting, a foot warmer, music playback, a deodorizer and “advanced bidet functionality” with “pulsate”, “oscillate” and “wave” water spray actions.

Face recognising security cameras

This new AR4X makes all previous smart security cameras look old fashioned. With its built-in facial recognition technology it can tell who it can see. Therefore, if it sees a face it knows (like yours or a family member) it won’t make a fuss. However, if it doesn’t know the face, it will send an alert to your phone to tell you.