Smarter Balanced Receives QTI 3.0 Certification, Will Deliver Test Content in the New, Interoperable Format

Santa Clara, CA, Nov. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smarter Balanced achieved certification from IMS Global Learning Consortium to make available its test item content in the new Question and Test Interoperability® (QTI®) 3.0 standard.

“This is the result of a multi-year project with our states,” said Tony Alpert, Executive Director of Smarter Balanced, which serves nearly 6.5 million students through its members. “QTI 3.0 allows us to make our test items available in a format that makes it easier for states to import. In turn, states may more easily make our high-quality items and accessibility resources available to their teachers and students.”

Said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium: "QTI 3.0 enables the most advanced, fully accessible digital assessment techniques to meet the demands of today's teaching and learning environments. When assessment systems use QTI, students get a more engaging and equitable educational experience, and states and institutions get higher-quality assessments at a lower cost. We are grateful for Smarter Balanced's leadership in being among the first IMS member organizations to achieve QTI 3.0 certification — passing the rigorous requirements established by the IMS community for assessment interoperability."

About Smarter Balanced
Smarter Balanced is a public agency supported by its members. Through the work of thousands of educators, we created an online assessment system aligned to college and career ready standards, as well as instructional resources for educators to help them improve teaching and learning.

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