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Smarter Coffee Grinds Your Beans Fresh, Brews Your Cup However You Like

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech
Smarter Coffee smart coffee-maker

Finally: a high-tech coffee maker that gives stubborn java snobs a reason to move on from their French presses.

British company Smarter has announced Coffee, a Wi-Fi-connected coffee machine that will grind your beans fresh and brew your cup exactly the way you like it — weak, strong, whatever.

And unlike your average barista, Smarter Coffee takes your annotated drink order without expecting a tip.

Smarter Coffee app

Smarter’s smartphone/tablet app, which also works with the company’s remote-controlled iKettle, operates Coffee via your home Wi-Fi network. As long as Coffee is loaded with water and beans (and the app will alert you when it’s low on either), you can, from any room in your palace, fire away a cup or pot with the push of a couple of e-buttons.

Automation settings within the Smarter app also allow for the saving of custom-built coffee configurations — Daniel likes three cups, strong — and automatic brewing for when you arrive home. Coffee features a good old-fashioned brew-by-alarm function, too.

Smarter’s fresh bean grinder isn’t the only feature that puts its smart coffee maker above the competition (ahem, Mr. Coffee). The company says its brewer and app will work in collaboration with Apple’s HomeKit and wearable devices to measure things like sleep patterns against caffeine intake. The system crunches this info to create suggestions for, say, stronger or weaker morning coffee.

Smarter Coffee smart coffee-maker

Smarter Coffee will be available for preorder Feb. 1 for $200, with units shipping around early March.

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