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Smartphone accessory maker: 'You almost can't believe these numbers'

Nicole Sinclair
Markets Correspondent

Amid all the hype about Apple’s new iPhones, one under-the-radar group has been soaring:  Smartphone accessory makers, like Zagg Inc (ZAGG).

“We’ve seen attach rates go up over the last several years because people are more mindful of protecting this very expensive device,” ZAGG CEO Randy Hales told Yahoo Finance.

Zagg, which sells portable power chargers, battery cases, invisible shield screens, and battery packs, is already up over 100% this year. And Hales sees more demand ahead, particularly driven by its Mophie wireless charging base—specifically adapted for the iPhone.

And Hales emphasized that his accessories are not “commodities” but instead infused with technology, separating them from others in the category.

When it comes to competition, Hales explained he sometimes worries about the OEMs like Apple building out their own accessories. But for now, he said, they seem to be passing that off and focusing on their core devices and ecosystem.

And the opportunity for accessories is significant. IDC says 1.5 billion handsets will be sold this year.

“You almost cant believe these numbers,” Hales said.


Nicole Sinclair is markets correspondent at Yahoo Finance.

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