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Smartphone Use may Hinder Children's Social Development, says NYC Pediatrician

In response to an article posted on NPR.com, a Brooklyn Pediatrician says that parents must be aware of their time spent using smartphones, especially around their children

Brooklyn, NY / myprgenie.com / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2014 / Dr. Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics, a Brooklyn Pediatrician Center says that parents overusing their smartphones may be cutting into time with their children and that face-to-face interaction is on the decline.

According to an article published by National Public Radio on NPR.com, parents who are attached to their smartphones and spend an above-average amount of time on them typically have children who are more likely to act out in an effort to get attention.

An anthropological study conducted showed that 40 of 55 parents used their smartphones during the majority of a meal with their children at fast food restaurants. This is a big mistake because children are missing out on social development. "They learn language, they learn about their own emotions, they learn how to regulate them, they learn by watching us how to have a conversation, how to read other people's facial expressions," the article says.

Dr. Michael Gabriel feels that this could harm many children in their ability to interact with society. "Children already want to impress their parents with the things that they do, and the fact that there is something else distracting them can be developmentally devastating for kids. Children are going to feel unimportant and are always going to have the idea that as soon as that mobile device rings, their time with their parents will be interrupted."

Dr. Gabriel suggests that parents take a certain amount of time each week to have alone time with their children. "Doing this will help allow children to develop social skills at a normal pace. Mealtime is a great place to get started, but it doesn't have to be the only time smartphones are away. Parents should be aware of their use of smartphones any time they're around their children. Kids will pick up the same habits by imitating their parents."

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SOURCE: GPM Pediatrics