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Smash Solutions Educating Rage Room Entrepreneurs Everywhere

·3 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2020 / Rage rooms have been all the rave as of late. The business model sounds simple enough: get a room and put in things for people to break or smash. Yet most times, people who venture into this growing industry find that that's an oversimplification. So rage room experts at Smash Solutions are starting to educate more people who want to get into the smashing business.

The rage room industry features rooms where people can smash and break things to experience release from stress and anxieties. People pay to enter smash or anger rooms to break fragile objects such as mirrors, glasses, guitars, bottles, plates, gadgets, appliances, and the like. The whole industry is relatively young, especially in the United States, yet it's growing in popularity. Hence most people who want to start their own rage room business are left clueless.

This pain point is where Smash Solutions comes in. As proven experts in the rage room industry, Smash's team has figured out everything one needs to know to create a smash room business. The company has started to offer an expansive masterclass called How To Start a Successful Rage Room. Enrollment to the online course has accelerated as of late. Today, the course has helped many people get a better perspective on the smash room industry before they jump into it.

The idea comes from the owner of the successful anger room business Smash Therapy, Inc. Steven Shortino. The smash entrepreneur started his first anger room in Rochester, New York, when he was only 21 years old. "For nearly two years, I've been living and breathing rage rooms," shares Steven. "I have learned what mistakes not to make, the most efficient business operations, and everything you need to know before starting."

Steven has spent a massive amount of time and resources to optimize rage rooms. Through Smash Solutions, the anger room expert bares every trade secret to help aspiring business owners start their own smash room business without breaking the bank.

It only took Steven and Smash Therapy six months to become a household brand for anger rooms. In a short time, the businessman started getting inquiries from incoming and existing anger room owners on how to turn a smash room into a successful venture. "They all wanted to know one thing: how I was doing it," shares Steven. "This constant attention from others seeking advice prompted me to make an online guide on how others can start and grow a successful anger room like myself."

Smash Solutions took off in August 2020. The masterclass teaches rage room entrepreneurs how to start a smash room business, optimize operations, get clients, and practically anything under the smash room sun. Steven shows everything he did at Smash Therapy to book over 500 guests a month and earn up to 25 thousand dollars in monthly revenue from his successful smash room business.

Steven has always loved turning ideas into tangible results. His success in the rage room industry is a testament to his dedication to making things happen. Now, he hopes he can teach other people how to take better control of their lives and start highly profitable smash rooms worldwide while also providing people a way to experience release from their anxieties and stress. Steven sees his business as a future leader for the rage room industry, greatly influencing entrepreneurs.

Company: Smash Solutions (and/or Smash Therapy)
Email:Info@smash-solutions.com, info@smashtherapyinc.com
Phone Number: 585-755-5278
Website: www.smash-solutions.com, www.smashtherapyinc.com

SOURCE: Smash Solutions

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