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Snapchat launches first camera sunglasses

Snapchat launches first camera sunglasses

Snapchat just announced new camera sunglasses that may or may not be the next best thing.

They’re called “Spectacles” and they have a small camera on the edge of the frame.

Snapchat announced the specs via an exclusive with The Wall Street Journal ….

…and revealed the company is changing its name to Snap Inc.

Business Insider posted the first commercial showing how “Spectacles” work.

After you tap the rim of glasses frame, a flashing ring will signal the camera is recording.

One tap gets you 10 seconds of video, three taps gets you a maximum of 30.

After the video is taken, it’s stored on the device can be shared immediately via Snapchat.

The jury is still out on if Spectacles will take off or not…

…but for $129, taking video from your shades sure does sound cool.

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