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So Long, Free Staplers: Megadeals for the Independent Worker

Yahoo Tech

Work just isn’t what it used to be. For many of us who survive by our wits as freelancers or entrepreneurs, big desks, water cooler breaks, and paid vacations are a thing of the past. We vacation where work takes us. We work where life takes us: On boats, trains, and planes; in the corner of an airport or coffee shop; or at co-working spaces.

While we do without a lot of the usual work accoutrements, we modern workers do still love our tech accessories. When you’re paying for it yourself, everything in your rig needs to pull its weight. But it isn’t entirely about the utilitarian: It’s awful sweet when our geek gear makes us look good, too.

And so, my fellow independents, this week I’ve rounded up some deals especially for us. We may be too busy getting things done to spend a lot of time shopping for this stuff. But we earned every dime and hate to waste any of it.

booq’s Cobra brief

Some people put all their flash into their car. But if you live mobile, you’re as likely to be riding a train or driving a rental as pulling up in your own wheels. The bag that carries your rig is the thing that defines you. Hip? Utilitarian? How about both? Because a bag that looks good but annoys is not worth it.

This Cobra brief is loaded with organizers: slick pockets, and places for your laptop, phone, boarding pass, chargers, and everything else you need to haul  (and find) while racing through life. And it looks awesome, too. I got you 25 percent off its — ouch! — $295 price tag. Just use the code YAHOO2015 on this or any item at booqbags.com until 9/11.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard

When the only surface you can find is tiny (like an airplane tray table) or the only gadget you have is minute and keyboardless (like a smart phone), having this tiny folding keyboard in your satchel could mean the difference between getting something done now and waiting till you have more space and time. Better yet? I wrangled you 50 percent off: Use the code yahootech at checkout at Zagg until September 18. (While you’re there, check out Zagg’s Speaker Case, too: It’s perfect for impromptu presentations or for watching movies between meetings; the same discount applies, just follow the same instructions.)

Trinity Audio: Delta

Earbuds are essential work tools these days: You need them if you want to take a call hands-free or if you want to watch a movie or listen to a book on that long flight. The Delta buds from Trinity Audio are super-sweet to look at: Small, portable, cute, and check out that ultra-modern aluminum! They sound great, too (for all sorts of AV-dork technical reasons that Trinity explains in detail on their site). And, yes, I got you a deal: These buds normally cost $109. But use the code YAHOO20 at checkout to get 20 percent off anything at Trinity Audio until October 31.

Henge Docks

When you’re lucky enough to find a big monitor to work on, you want to spread out and enjoy it, not waste an hour looking for the right plugs and cables to connect your Mac to it. The Henge Dock is a sleek solution: Just plug your laptop into it, and it’ll connect that Mac to an external display, without taking up a lot of extra real estate on the desk. Very clever. It’s already on sale for $50, but you can get another 20 percent off at Touch of Modern — and avoid the signup process for this sale site – by using this link until September 11.

Fat Cat ChargeCard

Work does not always get done within reach of an outlet. But that smart phone has become so essential that a dead battery brings productivity — or maybe just your ability to find your next meeting — to a grinding halt. The FatCat external power pack is small, easy on the eyes, and carefully charges whatever you’ve got. It’s already on sale at Touch of Modern for $15. But you can take another 20 percent off (on the FatCat or anything else at the site) by using this link until September 11.