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So Your iPhone Just Got Really Wet. What Do You Do Now?

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Splish splash, it’s your worst technological nightmare: You’ve got a wet iPhone, Android or Windows Phone that you have likely spent hundreds of dollars on, and that carries your life in it; and now, there it is, sitting in a puddle of orange soda, its guts corroding in delicious artificial flavors.

So, you spilled water (or another liquid, we’re not judging) on your smartphone. There may still be some hope! Quickly follow these instructions below and you might be able to save your phone from dying a slow and painful death.

1. Turn It Off

It may be your first instinct to test whether your gadget actually works, but just a few seconds could make a difference in whether it survives. As soon as it plunges into that toilet, fish it out and turn it off.

2. Make It Naked

Take off those covers, remove the SD Cards and SIM Cards—any possible thing that can be removed to dry on its own. The more areas of the phone that can air out, the better. 

3. Suck Out the Liquid

This is when things get Bear Gryllsy. Unless you are in the direct vicinity of a vacuum cleaner with small nozzle attachments, you’re going to have to perform reverse CPR on your gadget’s orifices. Get an empty bowl and set it down next to you. If we’re talking about an iPhone, you’re going to want to focus on the earphone port, the earpiece, the microphone port, and the charger area. Every time you suck in some liquid, spit it into the bowl to avoid swallowing any sort of weird mechanical chemicals.

4. Let It Be

Submerge your drenched gadget in a bowl of rice. Or, per the recommendation of Gizmodo’s Brent Rose, Rice Krispies. Hell, I bet packing peanuts even work. Using heat powered devices to dry it, or chemicals will not. So put down the hair-dryer and let it sit there for about 48 hours. Rotate it every once in a while.

5. Awake It from Its Deep Slumber

Remove your gadget from its drying bowl and inspect its body. If you see condensation anywhere, dry it with a towel. Bending a pipe cleaner to brush against the edges of your gadget ports is also helpful to gauge the amount of moisture remaining. If it still looks wet, put it back in the bowl and wait another day. If it’s totally dry, turn it on and see how it works. Even if only parts of it are functional, you may be able to have it repaired for less than what a new phone would cost you. 

And if not — well, the next drink’s on us. Metaphorically, at least. 

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