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Social Media ETF: Facebook Showing Signs of Life


A stock that has received not much more than regular scorn and scrutiny from investors and the media alike in 2012 is Facebook (FB), and perhaps this is much deserved thanks to the company’s flagging stock performance even after a much ballyhooed IPO several months back.

FB is down a staggering 44.96% since its IPO date of May 18th, but don’t look now, the stock has rallied back 12.65% in just the past five trading sessions and volume has been creeping higher.

How and why is this relevant to ETFs? Well, FB is a holding in Global X Social Media Index (SOCL), which currently is the only ETF to specialize in providing exposure to the “Social Media” space, and FB’s performance since inception has indeed been disappointing, and no doubt has been weighing on the ETF.

Current top holdings in SOCL, which tracks the Solactive Social Media Index, look like the following: LNKD (12.00%), Tencent Holdings Ltd. (11.78%), SINA (6.58%), GOOG (6.01%), DeNA Company Ltd. (5.60%), YNDX (5.43%), and FB (5.22%).

In the past month, SOCL has fared much better than FB stock, as it is up 2.60% versus FB falling 4.01%, so there is some life in the sector despite FB’s stock woes.

For example, LNKD in, the largest holding is within shouting distance of all-time highs that were just touched last week and SINA and YNDX for example have recently broken out of downtrends and are resuming upward momentum on very high trading volumes in recent days.

Perhaps going into the end of 2012, more investors will be able to say that they “Like” FB and the Social Media space in general as opposed to the their current sentiment.

Global X Social Media Index

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