Social Security Update: New Executive Order Will Make Getting Benefits Easier

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President Joe Biden has signed a new executive order that will instruct the Social Security Administration (SSA) to immediately make changes in order to simplify the process and acquisition of benefits. But what does a simplified Social Security application process entail?

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According to the White House, the order instructs the SSA to develop a mobile-accessible, online process so that any individual applying for or receiving services from Social Security can upload forms, documentation, evidence or correspondence associated with their transaction without the need for service-specific tools or traveling to a field office.

This would provide long-needed updates to a system that seldom left citizens with an option to access important benefit news or applications from the convenience of their mobile phone. The order will also remove any requirements that members of the public provide physical signatures for Social Security-related regulations, forms, instructions or other sources of guidance, the White House said.

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The executive order will also support applicants and beneficiaries to identify other benefits for which they may be eligible and integrate SSA data and processes with those of other Federal and State entities whenever possible. This means that once you apply for Social Security benefits, your information will also automatically be pooled to see what other, if any, federal benefits you could potentially be eligible for.

The executive order is officially called the “Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government”, with service delivery meaning actions by the government related to providing a benefit or service to a customer of a federal government agency. This applies to Social Security by way of requests for a document like a passport or Social Security card.

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Overall, the order seeks to improve long-awaited changes to government agencies that have caused headaches in the past. For example, another provision added will be the ability to renew a passport without having to mail in any physical documents — a process that, in the past, could have taken over a month and necessitated mailing in your passport.

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