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Societe Generale : shares and voting rights as of 31 July 2019

Name of issuer:                          Société Générale S.A. – French public limited company (“SA”) with a share capital of 1,059,665,810 euros
                                                               Registered under nr.552 120 222 R.C.S. PARIS
                                                               Registered office: 29, Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Information about the total number of voting rights and shares pursuant to Article L.233-8 II of the French Commercial Code and Article 223-16 of the AMF General Regulations

Date Number of shares
composing current
share capital
Total number of
voting rights
31st July 2019 847,732,648  

Net*: 914,784,254
Gross:  918,511,134


* Net total: total number of voting rights attached to the total number of shares – shares without voting rights (treasury stock, etc.)