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Sofia Boutella Reveals the Secrets of Her 'Mummy' Costumes

When it comes to creating a memorable movie monster, the clothes really make the Mummy. That’s why the costume team behind Universal’s new creature feature, The Mummy, subjected star Sofia Boutella to an eyebrow-raising 24 screen tests — a much higher number than your average blockbuster. “We wanted to find something quite unique and different,” Boutella tells Yahoo Movies. “The look of the Mummy is essential for the movie to work, and when I see the result, it’s quite a striking image. Something quite scary, but still feminine.” (Watch our video interview with Boutella above.)

As Princess Ahmanet — the daughter of Ancient Egyptian royalty who gains supernatural powers after striking a dangerous deal with the evil god, Set — Boutella models four different looks en route to the version of the Mummy we see during the action-packed climax, when she wreaks havoc in present-day London. That final costume features, among other things, symbols painted on the actress’s skin that resemble hieroglyphs. But Boutella reveals that those symbols are actually Coptic script with text from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. “As a joke, me and the team of lovely make-up artists liked to say that it’s an Ancient Egyptian pancake recipe,” the actress says, chuckling. Pass the syrup, please.

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