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A Software & A Book As Your Financial Savior: MadbuMax

·4 min read

Paul A. Etienne


Orlando, FL, Aug. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One advancement that has come about with access to the internet and general awareness about financial independence in recent years is that young people are choosing to get financially independent at a younger age. With opportunities popping up such as a career in the retail, food industry, academics, army, etc. as traditional options, the youth are also opting for jobs as influencers, YouTubers, and such other equally lucrative professions that bring in a lot of income. But where there still exists no shortcut to is financial planning.

Studies have suggested that despite standing up on their own feet at such an early point in their lives, the youth seem to have the most mismanagement of financial resources. They often fail to differentiate between a want and a need and easily get influenced to buy luxury commodities that they see their favorite celebrities flaunting without realizing that they do not share the same lifestyle and that the purchase will put extreme pressure on their bank balance.

Thankfully, there is a realistic guide to help you with your personal budgeting and develop healthy financial management patterns.

About MadbuMax

MadbuMax is a software created by Paul A. Etienne that helps you monitor your budget and keep track of your spending. The software has multiple facets to it: income sources, expenses, budget, accounts, overview, and spending.

  1. Income Sources:

The software has an “income” module that helps you keep track of your different sources of income and also helps sort these sources of income into different groups. And if you have multiple bank accounts, you can control which bank account money from each of these sources can be deposited into, all through that one software.

  1. Expenses:

MadbuMax has an “Expenses” module equipped to help track all expenditures by the users. It records every single expense and helps sort them into categories and lets the user know from which bank accounts the expenses were financed.

  1. Budget:

MadbuMax’s budgeting feature is unique. It allows the user to set a sending limit each month. The user can also use the software’s interface and plan their expenditure distributed over a month so as to keep from overspending.

  1. Accounts:

MadbuMax helps the user keep track of their balances in their cash card, bank accounts, and e-wallets. It also automatically records and saves the amount of transaction and the account through which the transaction was financed, keeping the expenditure tab up to date.

  1. Overview:

It provides a synopsis of all the user’s transactions, expenses, incomes, and budgets. It also provides user’s with spending reports at the end of each month which you can filter and access for an expert opinion.

  1. Settings:

This feature allows users to manage their profiles and change their account details.
This software is currently available for the purchase of its website. There is also a limited time discount of 50% off live right now. Purchase now for lifetime access.

Understanding Your Finances Through Life’s Changes: The Book

The book is written by Paul A. Etienne, also the creator of Madbu and MadbuMax from above. This book aims to teach its users how to properly adjust their finances throughout life as it adapts to the changes. It has a unique approach towards teaching and preaching information unlike the generic finance self-help books that just bombard people with information and do not brief on how to carefully integrate those habits into real life.

This book unapologetically and in an unfazed way takes on the life events of medical emergencies, childbirth, divorce, retirement and such and explains in a subtle and kind way how to financially adjust through these expected and unexpected changes. It encourages its users to never fear change and accomodation.

Some overview of the topics it covers are:

  1. Financial planning while single, which includes:

  • Budgeting

  • Savings for emergency, children

  • Real estate planning

  • Estate planning and insurance options

  1. Financial planning while engaged, which includes:

  • Financial talk

  • Warning signs

  • Budgeting for two

  • Financial priorities

  • Navigating a breakup

  1. Financial planning while married, which includes:

  • Paying for wedding and honeymoon

  • Budget revision

  • Updating beneficiary designations

  • Planning for children

  • Planning for retirement

  • Backup in case of a divorce

It also has two additional bonus chapters about the art of couponing and talks about how it is possible to earn additional income. The book is available in both ebook and paperback version and you can purchase it in a combo pack along with the MadbuMax software for a guide book telling you ‘the how and the when’ of financing and a software to smoothly help you with the transition and growing pains of theory to seamless application in real life.

To purchase the book and its combo offers, visit the website.

About Paul A. Etienne: Paul Etienne is a financial consultant and the creator of Madbu and MadbuMax. Etienne got his Bachelor in Science and an MBA. He has worked for many large and well-known financial firms throughout the years. Aside from his day job, Paul has now taken to writing as a means to share his knowledge on budgeting and finance.

He lives in Central Florida with his wife Vanessa and one daughter, Delaney.

Media Details:
Name: Paul A.Etienne
Company: Madbu
Website: https://madbu.com/
Email: contact@madbu.com