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This Software Engineer Was a Smartphone Addict, Then He Made an Android App to Help People Like Him: The Minimalist Phone App Has Just Reached 2M Downloads on Google Play

The productivity app for Android users surpasses 2 million downloads. Meet the founder of minimalist phone - the app that helps people with concentration, digital detox, and ADHD.

MUNICH, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2023 / In an age where the average person checks their smartphone every 12 minutes, the battle against screen addiction is real. Martin Morávek is a software engineer who once found himself ensnared in the dopamine-driven web of social media. Today, he's the brain behind minimalist phone, an Android app that's not only transforming smartphones into a modern alternative of 'dumb phones' but is also revolutionizing digital well-being. The app has just crossed a staggering 2 million downloads, proving that the world is ready for a digital detox. QQ42 Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a German company founded by an app developer, Martin Morávek, who stands behind minimalist phone - the concept of the digital detox app.

minimalist phone - digital detox app for productivity
An Android app that helps you spend less time on your smartphone and be more productive and focused has just reached 2 million downloads.

With a deep passion for technology, Martin's journey started at VUT in Brno, studying engineering and delving into programming intricacies. He contributed to innovative projects, from aircraft cockpit displays to BMW's iDrive. Beyond tech, he was captivated by psychology and machine learning, exploring how electronic devices subtly influence behavior. Amid the pandemic, he found solace in social media but recognized its addictive allure and reflexive phone-checking. This realization prompted action, leading him to create change.

Drawing from his personal experience and his expertise in software engineering, Martin developed minimalist phone. Designed for those who find their fingers itching to unlock their screens every few minutes, this app is a beacon for productivity and digital well-being. With features like in-app time reminders, app blocking for up to 30 days, monochrome mode, and the ability to hide apps and filter notifications, it's no wonder that the app has garnered such widespread acclaim. In fact, 93% of users reported a reduction in their screen time within just three days of using the app.

But the benefits of minimalist phone aren't just limited to reduced screen time. Many users have reported a positive impact on their mental health. Therapists have begun recommending the app, especially for individuals with ADHD, highlighting its potential in enhancing concentration, reducing ADHD and addiction.

"minimalist phone is more than just an app; it's a movement towards a healthier relationship with our devices," says Martin. "In a world where our smartphones often rule us, it's time we took back control."

Launched in 2020, minimalist phone is compatible with devices using Android OS version 6.0 or higher. As it crosses the 2 million download mark, it stands as a testament to Martin's vision and the growing global need for a digital detox.

In essence, minimalist phone offers a light phone alternative, turning feature-rich smartphones into tools of productivity rather than distractions. For those seeking a balance between staying connected and reclaiming their time, this app is the bridge.

For more information or to embark on your journey towards digital well-being, download minimalist phone today and experience the transformation firsthand.

Contact Information

Nika Kotláriková
Head of Marketing

SOURCE: QQ42 Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

minimalist phone - digital detox app for productivity
minimalist phone - digital detox app for productivity

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