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SoftWatch to Offer its Chromebook Adoption Readiness (CBAR) Tool to Chrome Enterprise Customers

Google will offer SoftWatch's Chromebook Adoption Readiness tool (CBAR) to all Chrome Enterprise customers and prospects for free

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2019 / SoftWatch, a leader in Application Usage Analytics, announced today that it is offering a three-month subscription of its Chromebook Adoption Readiness tool (CBAR) to all Chrome Enterprise customers and prospects.

The Chromebook Adoption Readiness (CBAR) tool, which is based on SoftWatch's patent-protected methodology of analyzing application usage and segmenting of end users based on application usage patterns, gives insights into usage patterns--at department and user-level--of applications and dependencies on web-based and installed applications to Chrome Enterprise customers and prospects in their workforce segmentation and helps to identify those users most ready for cloud-native devices.

Chrome Enterprise customers and prospects can use CBAR to gain rich data and insights to inform their segmentation strategy and identify the cloud workers in their organization, those who work primarily in browser or cloud-connected applications.

"We are very excited to continue serving Google Cloud and provide insightful usage information to decision makers that consider adopting cloud-native devices,'' said Dror Leshem, CEO of SoftWatch. "This tool will allow organizations to segment users to their maturity to use Chromebook devices and enable making informed decisions accordingly."

The Chromebook Adoption Readiness tool is the latest addition to SoftWatch's offerings that have been successfully used by hundreds of enterprise customers world-wide and millions of end users.

About SoftWatch

SoftWatch is a leader in application usage analytics. With its patented SaaS solution, it enables enterprises to effectively manage the transition of business applications to the cloud, optimize their hybrid cloud environment and improve software ROI. Visit: www.softwatch.com or sign in for the CBAR tool by visiting https://www.softwatch.com/cbar-contact-us/.

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