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Sogeclair: Consolidated turnover for the 1st half 2019

Blagnac, France, July 24th 2019 - 5.35 pm,

Montreal, Canada

Consolidated turnover for the 1st half 2019: +19.8% 

At constant exchange rate and perimeter*: +13.1%

SOGECLAIR, designer of innovative, high added-value solutions and products for the aerospace and transport sectors, announces today its consolidated turnover for the 1st half 2019, ending on June 30th 2019. It stands at €90.6 million compared with €75.6 million for the same period in 2018 that is to say up by +19.8% (+13.1% at constants exchange rate and perimeter*).
* The turnover at constant perimeter is deducted from the share produced by companies acquired on the 1st August 2018 representing €M3.2. The impact on the turnover related to exchange rate fluctuations represents €M1.8.

By division Turnover (€ million)
Turnover (€ million)

Variation as %



  At constants exchange rate and perimeter








  At constants exchange rate and perimeter






Vehicle 1.5 1.4 +5.6%  

90.6 75.6 +19.8%  
International 51.9 41.1 +26.2%  

Aerospace division (82.7% of turnover) at +15.1% benefits from the exchange rate for €1.8 million, from a strong growth (+14.6%) of business aviation and from a favorable basis of comparison. The thermoplastic and aircraft interior activities benefit from the ramp-up of recent programs and from circumstantial overstocking to cope with Brexit.

Simulation division (15.7% of turnover) jumps by 55.1% thanks to the SYDAC acquisition in August 2018. At constant exchange rate and perimeter, the progression comes to +19.7% driven by the subsidiary A.V. Simulation which increases strongly despite the discrepancies in the large simulators system businesses.

Vehicle division (1.6% of turnover) increases by 5.6% (of which +16.1% at the 2nd quarter).

By geographical area 2019
(€ million)
Impact on Turnover
(as %)

(as %)
France 38.7 42.8%  

Europe 26.3 29.0% +33.4%  



Asia-Pacific 4.2 4.6% +102.6%  
Rest of the world 0.3 0.3% +64.5%  

All the geographical areas are progressing, France makes +12.2% whereas the international increases by 26.2%. To point, the strong growth of the Asia-Pacific area (+102.6%) thanks to the locations of Sydac, subsidiary acquired in 2018.

By activity 2019  Turnover
(€ million)
Impact on Turnover
(as %)

(as %)

Development (service)
18.3 20.2%  


Serie (service)
35.5 39.2% +13.0%  

36.8 40.6% +41.0%  

All the activities are progressing and the products become for the first time SOGECLAIR’s first activity with 40.6% of turnover thanks to the positioning undertaken by SOGECLAIR during the last years. Development service activities are stable at 1.3% despite the increase of the business aviation. Serie service activities are driven by commercial aviation.

The good performance of the turnover for the 1st half allows to anticipate an annual growth with 2 digits at constant exchange rate and perimeter.

Next announcement: results for 1st half 2019 on September, 11th 2019 after closing of the Stock Market.

Designer of innovative, high added-value solutions and products, SOGECLAIR brings its skills in high-quality engineering and production to a broad range of cutting-edge sectors, notably aeronautics, space and transport. Supporting its customers and partners from the design and simulation stages through to the end of the product’s lifetime, all along the production chain through to entry into service, the Group counts more than 1,600 staff working worldwide to offer a high-quality, proximity service to all its customers.
SOGECLAIR is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris – Compartment C – Code ISIN: FR0000065864 – PEA PME 150
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Contacts: Philippe ROBARDEY, President & CEO of SOGECLAIR / Marc DAROLLES, Executive Vice President of SOGECLAIR / www.sogeclair.com / +33(0)5 61 71 70 33