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Solar Farm Developer Selling $10BM-5GW's of High IRR Projects

ASHEVILLE, N.C., March 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative Solar Systems, based in Asheville, NC has just announced the sales offering of another large block of Solar Farm assets. ISS is currently ranked at the top developer of Solar Farms here in the U.S. and is considered to be a volume developer and supplier of high quality, high return Solar Farm projects. Large Institutional Investors, Funds and Family Offices from all over the world have formed partnerships with Innovative for the following reasons; 1) No Other US Developer can match the size of ISS's pipeline of Utility Scale Solar Farms, 2) No Other US Developer can match the IRR's that ISS's projects provide. Innovative Solar Systems is currently in the process of selling off over 5GW's of high quality projects in a variety of states so qualified investors and funds may want to contact ISS today before these quality projects are gone.

Most buyers of ISS projects will realize at least a 20% better return on ISS projects versus others just due to the fact alone that ISS's strategic EPC contracts allow ISS to build their massive pipeline of Utility Scale projects for sub $1/watt ALL-IN prices. The partnerships that ISS has with some of the largest and most Credit Worthy EPC's in the world allow the company to supply fully constructed projects using only Tier 1 equipment including trackers at less than $1/watt. Most other developers in the solar industry are required to pay approximately $1.25/watt just due to the fact that they cannot supply EPC's with the volume of projects that ISS supplies and builds year after year. Economy of scale means that ISS maximizes its investor's profits by reducing project costs by a substantial amount.

Another reason that ISS projects cost much less to construct is due to the fact that ISS only develops the most pristine crown jewel Solar Farm sites which are flatter, easier build sites. No other Solar Farm Developer in the US can compare to the quality or overall build costs that ISS is able to achieve on the projects that they sell and supply to buyers and investors. Innovative Solar Systems further maximizes their investor's returns on these Utility Scale Solar Farms by supplying each project with above average Purchase Power Agreements (PPA's). It is only through ISS's sophistication in the market and track record in the solar farm industry that the company is able to negotiate and achieve above average PPA's for its clients.

Innovative Solar Systems is a volume Solar Farm Developer and only sells large portfolios of projects that range in size from 300MW or larger. The typical ISS client will purchase anywhere from 500MW to 1.5GW's of projects at a time. ISS does NOT sell single projects to small investors, volume is key and ISS only sells large groups of projects to large investors or funds.

If you would like to discuss our current available pipeline of projects then please contact us;

Contact - CFO (Mr. Craig Sherman) at +1 828 767 1015 or CEO (John E Green) at +1 828 215 9064
Email – craigsherman@solarfarmsales.com
Email – johngreen@innovativesolarsystemsllc.com



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