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Soldiers receiving sex therapy after combat stress affects their love lives

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Psycho-sexual therapy is being used to treat British servicemen whose love lives are affected by combat stress (GETTY)

British soldiers are receiving sex therapy as an alternative to Viagra after complaining active service has affected their personal lives, it has been reported.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) documents have revealed that around 60 servicemen are receiving therapy, while 3,000 soldiers had taken Viagra in the last five years, The Sun on Sunday reported.

Soldiers were reportedly turning to Viagra to help them deal with problems in the bedroom caused by combat stress, despite concerns that its active drug Sildenafil can cause death.

In a bid to find a safer treatment, armed forces doctors are reportedly referring soldiers to ‘psycho-sexual therapy counselling’ instead.

The therapy, which involves using trained counsellors to help couples find the root of their problems, is believed to be helping soldiers overcome stress and regain their confidence.

One source told the Sun on Sunday: ‘The psycho-sexual therapy has been very effective. Once you get a soldier to admit that his sexual problems aren’t his fault he is on the road to recovery.’

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Hundreds of troops are treated for PTSD and other mental health issues after serving in combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan and impotence can often be linked to PTSD.

Research in the US by the US Department of Veterans Affairs showed troops suffering from PTSD were ‘significantly more likely than their civilian counterparts to report erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems.’

Sexual therapy is being used an alternative to Viagra in treating soldiers with PTSD related dysfunction (GETTY)