SOLminer Announces the Launch of their New SOLminer’s Cube, a 10 Foot Shipping Container Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

The New Rig is For Sale and also Comes with an Option to Keep it at SOLminer's Location with a Maintenance Agreement

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2018 / The founders of SOLminer are pleased to announce the launch of their new SOLminer's Cube, a 320 GPU (graphics card) 10-foot shipping container cryptocurrency mining rig.

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As a company spokesperson noted, SOLminer creates large-scale modular and mobile mining rigs. These rigs can easily be relocated in order to follow cheap electricity rates. If people wish, they can also be combined to create much larger scale mining operations.

The new SOLminer Cube, which will allow people to effortlessly and quickly jump into the ethereum mining space, comes with two options in terms of its use. The buyer can have it shipped to his or her location and the friendly team from SOLminer will set it up, or the SOLminer Cube can also be kept at the company's location with a maintenance/management agreement.

To be sure the new SOLminer Cube has outstanding performance and is as efficient as possible, the spokesperson noted, the company's engineers conducted computer analysis as well as a number of design revisions.

"Our 10 foot container is made up of 40 streamlined mining rigs, each with 8 high-end GPU's, creating a combined total of 320 GPU's," the spokesperson noted, adding that the 320 GPU's combine computational power in order to provide large amounts of work on the Blockchain; this work is measured in Hashing Power.

"The more Hashing Power a system has, the more income the system will produce. Our GPU's are overclocked with reduced voltage to create a higher hashing capability with reduced electricity costs compared to running the GPU's in their stock settings."

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About SOLminer:

In early 2017 SOLminer went live with the first farm using off-the-shelf parts, 120V electrical and window A/C units, running both ASIC- and GPU-based mining rigs. In late 2017 SOLminer was making, selling, and installing GPU rigs on demand for home-based clients and selling, installing, and shipping rigs all over the USA. Early in 2018 SOLminer's functional prototype CUBE became fully operational. For more information, please visit


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