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'Somewhere Between' sneak peek: Is Paula Patton going crazy?

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

On ABC’s Somewhere Between, Paula Patton is racing against the clock to save her daughter, but to almost everyone else, she’s becoming unhinged.

Patton’s Laura Price is reliving the week before her daughter’s tragic death, and the opportunity has given her one chance to change that fate. But as she faces a skeptical doctor in the Sept. 5 hour, Laura knows how insane her actions appear.

As the doctor recounts in this exclusive sneak peek, Laura has acted in strange ways — including claiming that trained assassins chased her through her mother’s mental hospital.

And her belief that a serial killer will murder her daughter in a few days? Well, you can see why this doctor speculates about hereditary mental issues.

But Laura is determined to find a way to protect her daughter.

“I know I need help,” she says, trying to project an “I’m not crazy” calm. “If I can just spend the day with my daughter, in the evening — supervised, of course — I really believe it would help me get centered enough to do the work I need to do.”

Somewhere Between airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.