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Son Gives Mom a Swimsuit Ego Boost: 'She Deserves to Enjoy the Beach Freely'

When teen Brennon Albert and his mom Ronia Monique Albert LaFrance went on a family vacation to Pensacola, Fla., the 18-year-old didn’t understand why his mother was taking so long to come out of the beach dressing room.

Teen gave his mom a bathing suit photo shoot to inspire her confidence. (Twitter)

“She was asking me all these questions: ‘Do I look OK?’ ‘is this bathing suit too small?’ ‘Is it age appropriate?'” Albert, from New Orleans, La. tells Yahoo Style.

He knew his mom needed words of affirmation — plus a special photo shoot that celebrated her beauty and would allow others to see and praise her, too. “I grew up surrounded by women. I understand what it takes to make a woman feel beautiful when she might not feel that she is,” he says.

“I began to tell her how incredibly gorgeous she is. She is the most beautiful mom. I don’t understand why she sometimes doesn’t see what I do.”

Others see his mom’s beauty, too.



LaFrance and her son have an incredible bond. They lost everything when Hurricane Katrina hit their home in 2005. Since then, they have been back and forth between Dallas, Tex. and New Orleans. 

“There have been seasons in our lives that we have been homeless,” says Albert. “But my mom — her strength and perseverance — are what got us through all the hardships.”

LaFrance and Albert have recently relocated back to their home city of New Orleans. When LaFrance secured a teaching job, the family headed to Florida to celebrate.

So when his mom felt self-conscious about her body, Albert came to the rescue. “I just began letting her know how beautiful she is, and that she deserves to enjoy the beach freely.” His mom is not only a history teacher, but also a track and basketball coach, he says, adding, “My mom is fit and likes to be healthy exercising regularly.”

Albert graduated high school just a few weeks ago and now is headed to join the U.S. Air Force. He plans on following his mom’s footsteps and become a history teacher, too.

“All I want is to give my mom a better life,” he says. “I want to get my mom a two-door Porsche someday, that’s her dream car.”

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