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My Son Was a Marijuana Vape Addict. Congress Shouldn't Help Create More.

Tiffany Davidson

Raphael Rodriguez recently made the switch from smoking marijuana to vaping it, after taking a trip with a friend to a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

Rodriguez believed vaping to be safe, as he purchased his cartridges at a “licensed and regulated” dispensary. Then last month, as reported by The Toledo Blade, he found himself in the hospital struggling to breathe.

His is one more case of the mysterious lung disease tied to pot vaping—and one more case tied to legal purchases swept under the rug.

Lung disease is just one tragic result of the normalization of marijuana. Car crashes are another. After legalization, fatal car crashes doubled in several states that chose to liberalize their marijuana policies.

Another consequence: mental illness and hospitalization. ER visits and hospitalizations due to super-potent pot have shot through the roof in states where marijuana is “legal.”

Despite all this, the marijuana industry would have us believe that marijuana is neither addictive, nor harmful. I have a different opinion.

My 17-year-old son was addicted to vaping. He compared his behavior to that of a heroin addict, resorting to desperately heating empty marijuana cartridges with a lighter in order to eke out the last bit of noxious vapor.

Thankfully, he was able to get the help he needed and recently celebrated a year free from marijuana use.

Because of this fight, I founded Moms Against Marijuana Addiction and help counsel other parents going through similar situations. Organizations like mine are popping up everywhere, as awareness of the problem grows.

These are just some reasons why it is unfathomable the Senate would extend protections to the pot industry in the form of the SAFE Banking Act. The bill’s real name should be the “VAPE” Banking Act. The bill would allow pot companies access to the banking industry. Currently, they are barred from access.

This bill would further send the message to our young people that pot use is benign, safe, and even healthy.

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