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Sorenson Revolutionizes Deaf and Hearing Calls (Again) – with Wavello

SALT LAKE CITY, April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Sorenson Communications announced Sorenson Wavello, a revolutionary new feature that gives Deaf, hearing people, and sign language interpreters the ability to see each other as they converse during video relay calls.

For Deaf users, this feature is already built into Sorenson’s ntouch suite of products. Hearing callers will be able to download the Wavello app, which is available at no cost for iOS and Android platforms through the App Store or Google Play. Once hearing callers download the app and register their phone number, they can receive video conference call requests from Deaf people with whom they are speaking on a Sorenson Relay call.

“Wavello is one more way we connect conversations – really connect life – for our customers,” says Scott Wood, CEO of Sorenson Communications. “Communication and being understood is fundamental to the human experience. That belief inspires us to develop the most innovative, inclusive, and functionally-equivalent products and services, which now include Wavello.”

Early Deaf and hearing Wavello testers are calling the new technology a “game changer” – for the first time, people who are Deaf and hearing can see true emotions, authentic responses – everything needed for true communication on a relay call.

Dr. David Geeslin, CEO and superintendent for Indiana School for the Deaf and a Deaf Wavello tester, says, “Deaf and hearing parents need Wavello to help facilitate communication with their children through language. Deaf people rely on facial expressions to determine meaning, so there are often nuances and portions of the language not captured by the sign language interpreter. With Wavello, both callers can see each other’s facial expressions – so there’s additional clarity in communication.”

Bruce Wagner, who can hear and is the father of two adult Deaf children, a Deaf daughter-in-law, and hearing grandchildren, says, “I’ve been waiting 36 years for this!” Now retired and living in Florida, he says communication with his family is more important than ever. “I don’t know sign language, so when I first used Wavello, my immediate reaction was ‘I can communicate directly with my son, who is Deaf. It was a great feeling!’”

Lance Pickett, Sorenson Vice President of Marketing and a member of the Deaf community, says, “We are passionate about creating solutions that build deeper and more meaningful relationships. Our latest innovation accomplishes this! We’re excited to introduce Wavello – we think it’s the next revolution in Video Relay Service.”

With Sorenson Relay and the introduction of the Sorenson VP-100® videophone in 2003, Sorenson revolutionized communication between Deaf and hearing callers, giving them the option to converse in real time – anytime, anywhere – each in their natural language, American Sign Language (ASL) or spoken English or Spanish. Since then, Sorenson has continued to re-imagine communication by introducing a host of features as well as three next-generation videophones, each specifically designed by and for people who are Deaf.

For more information about Wavello, visit www.sorenson.com/GetWavello

About Sorenson Communications, LLC
Connecting Life. Sorenson Communications (www.sorenson.com) was founded on the principle that communication and being understood is fundamental to the human experience. Inspired by this belief and the core values of our communities, we develop the most trusted communication offerings, including Sorenson Relay, the highest-quality video interpreting service, and Sorenson Interpreting, which matches qualified sign language interpreters to specific assignment needs. As the largest employer of sign language interpreters, Sorenson endeavors to provide each person with an exceptional communication experience.

Sorenson offers innovative, Deaf-specific communication products, such as ntouch® videophones and ntouch software applications that connect PC, Mac®, and mobile device users to Sorenson Relay. For more information, visit www.sorenson.com.

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