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Southern Light General Counsel Appointed to FCC Board

MOBILE, Ala., April 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Light, a leading provider of fiber-optic infrastructure solutions in the Southeast, announced today the appointment of General Counsel, Kelly McGriff, to the Federal Communications Commission Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. The Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee was recently formed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to explore solutions for Broadband Deployment across America.

"The Committee will focus on developing specific recommendations on how the FCC can encourage broadband deployment across America. Issues the Committee will tackle include further reforms to the FCC's pole attachment rules; identifying unreasonable regulatory barriers to broadband deployment; ways to encourage local governments to adopt deployment-friendly policies; and other reforms within the scope of the Commission's authority.1"

"Southern Light is thrilled by the appointment of Kelly McGriff to the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee," said Andy Newton, President and CEO of Southern Light. "Kelly has worked on deployment issues for years, and he will pull on front-line experience to offer progressive solutions. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations in every aspect of our business, and this will be no different. Our goal is to support Chairman Pai's efforts to embrace market based solutions that foster competition."

"It is my great honor to serve on the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee," said Kelly McGriff, General Counsel of Southern Light. "For years, we have encountered regulations and misperceptions that have hindered the deployment of fiber optic networks. We are ready to tap our real-world experience and work with other committee members to offer free market solutions."



Founded in 1998, Southern Light designs, constructs and operates more than 6,000 route miles of fiber optic networks in the Southeast, delivering large bandwidth solutions to telecommunications carriers, governmental agencies and enterprise customers throughout the region. The company provides high resiliency services to the most demanding customers using its dense last-mile fiber optic networks.

1 Mark Wigfield. Chairman Pai Forms Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. FCC, 12/31/2017, apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-343242A1.pdf

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