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Southwest is selling a lunchbox of its discontinued peanuts for $29

Chloe Bryan

Southwest Airlines joined most of its competitors when it stopped handing out peanuts on its flights in 2018, citing allergy concerns. But people really miss the nuts, we guess, so the airline is releasing a line of peanut-related products.

The merch is available on Southwest's online shop, the Southwest Store, which should be familiar to all the die-hard Southwest fans out there. (If anyone is a Southwest fan, please DM me.) It includes an 18 inch by 18 inch throw pillow shaped like a peanut packet ($29), a peanut pouch to store "makeup and accessories ($9)," a peanut burp cloth for your baby who can't eat peanuts yet ($9), and a peanut power bank to charge your phone ($19).

Southwest is selling a lunchbox of its discontinued peanuts for $29

Image: shutterstock/southwest airlines

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The main event is a tin lunchbox ($29) containing two 10-ounce bags of the peanuts themselves: one honey roasted and one lightly salted.

Unfortunately, logging on to an airline's online shop is the only way to eat Southwest peanuts anytime soon. Even though Southwest made peanuts *the* quintessential plane snack in the 1970s, when it started serving them instead of meals in the name of cost-efficiency, it looks like it'll be dusty in-flight pretzels from here on out. 

Get your large overpriced peanut tin while you can, folks.