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Sovereign Five Fliques' Exciting Police Procedural Enters the Digiverse!

·4 min read

Sovereign Five Fliques proudly Presents, Blue Wall: The Series, a compelling drama that deftly combines suspense and mystery. An episodic series that follows an enigmatic undercover squad, whose culpability over an incident is questioned. They quickly 'Wall Up', enacting the inevitable code of silence known as the Blue Wall- an impenetrable, time- honored code of loyalty and silence among some in the force.

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- From The Shield, The Wire, through a Law and Order franchise and onto The Closer, Luther, and Seven Seconds, there has been no lack of police dramas over the past three decades. The newest procedural offering, Blue Wall: The Series is anything but the typical "Cop Drama" and promises to carve out a unique benchmark alongside the aforementioned.

Squad 12, a band of undercover cops, led by their virago commander, Detective Jacqueline K. Morse, wear amorality as proudly as their badges, inevitably become engulfed in the addicting pathway that leads to greed and corruption. When accountability for an incident points towards them, they "wall up," invoking an unspoken bond of unwavering loyalty, cultivated by a wolf-pack mentality prevalent in some precincts.

Years later, the formerly enigmatic squad is in peril; they seem to be disappearing, under increasingly inexplicable and mysterious circumstances. The former alleged antagonists are now the targets themselves, becoming unwilling victims, with no one to protect or serve them. With redundant feelings of remorse and an ominous specter of total decimation nearby, a collective sense that their catastrophic comeuppance is looming near is hard to ignore.

The show creator, Sheila Simmons, whose short films were official selections at The Short Film Corner at Cannes Court Métrage, The Hoboken Film Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as other selected screenings, directs this bold, ambitious, concept with old-school ideals, replete with cinematographic, gritty locales, stylized yet realistic dialogue, as well as award-winning Composer Peter Fish's impeccable, perfectly utilized score, which is complemented by a talented ensemble of establishing actors (Terrence Glen Thomas, Vance Clemente and Simmons herself as Detective Jackie Morse) and veteran actors - Steven Hauck (Marvelous Miss Maisel, Blue Bloods), Jack Mulcahy (Porky's, The Brothers McMullen), Martin Ewens (Sherlock Holmes, Red Oaks) and Eli Bridges (Law and Order:Special Victims Unit, Jessica Jones).


"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch Blue Wall - The Series. Sheila Simmons has done a bang-up job as writer, direct and actor. The web series truly has flow. What I like best is how each scene breathes. Character development and storyline of each episode leave you wanting more. I am in awe of how Simmons kept her character development and storyline together in multiple episodes all under 12 minutes. My favorite is 'Lexicon Standoff'. Well done!" -Tracey Anarella, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Not Black Enough, Livingston Taylor Life- Life is Good and There She Is.

"Blue Wall:The Series sets the bar high. The standard by which all others will be judged. Highly entertaining!" -Ken Eurell, author of Betrayal in Blue, the story behind The Seven Five documentary.

"Blue Wall: The Series is a character-based detective series with cinematography and production values that look like a million bucks. Under the naturalistic direction of Sheila Simmons, this cast of mostly top-notch actors makes you want to know more about their lives and secrets. Det. Lisa Garvey, played by Claire Buckingham is so engaging, you want to see a spin-off focusing on her." -Allie Mullholand, founder/artistic director of Regroup Theatre Company

Media Contact:
Sheila Simmons
(347) 969-8105
Email: shemitch123@yahoo.com

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BLUE WALL: THE SERIES Official Show Poster
A graphic illustration advertisement for promotional use.

Detective Jackie Morse
Photo Still: Scene From "Taken In" Actor- Sheila Simmons

Detectives Jackie Morse and Mikki Ramone
Photo Shoot Still : Sheila Simmons , Zen Dot

SQUAD 12 Logo
Official insignia of the crew. They all have a tattoo of this emblem.

Members of Squad 12 with Det. Pollitt
Photo Shoot Still: Jack Mulcahy, Ted Morgan, Eli Bridges, Kevin Cusi, John Morena

Detectives Morse and Pollitt
Photo Still: Scene from "Aftermath" Actors- Jack Mulcahy, Sheila Simmons

Glen Windsor
Photo Still: Scene from "The Last Goodbye Actor- Steven Hauck

JD Dillon
Photo Still: Scene from "JD'S Drivel" Actor- Vance Clemente

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