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SpaceX Sues the Government Over $2 Billion In Rocket Contracts

Rich Smith, The Motley Fool
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    This Pentagon(spearheaded by Shanahan the ex-Boeing exec) clearly designed these rocket development contracts in the only way that would specifically exclude SpaceX and all but ensure ULA(Boeing and Lockheed) gets at least half of those 25 launch contracts.
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    Paw Angel Animal Rescue
    Non reusable vehicles are, or should, be left in the last century. But hey, it's the tax payer footing the bill. Who cares? :-( Space-X just isn't in the Good 'Ol Boy club.
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    This is a fantastic news article. It clearly explains the stakes and multiple viewpoints that influence the story. Kudos to the writer(s) who show that there are still great journalists out there. It’s a shame I was so impressed by a news article for being clear, articulate, and lacking hyperbole, but his is not normal these days. Thanks!
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    Hello? Boeing (ULA) hires Generals retiring from the Pentagon in a coercive and corrupt way to influence contracts issued from such. It is with the Generals that remain behind to pad their retirement "options" by sending as much work to Boeing (wink, wink, nod, nod). Boeing doesn't know how to revolutionize space, but it sure knows the ropes to pull for cash. When you play visionary vs. corruption games, corruption wins EVERY time.
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    Musk has sued and won frojm the airforce before. They have a sweetheart deal going with the military industrial complex headed up by Boeing. They will do anything to hurt SpaceX. Must will win this suit also if all things are considered and he gets a fair hearing. but both the military and NASA are one giganotic bureaucracy. Years ago when IBM totally dominated the computer market, competition was tough, even if you had a cheaper or better product. The mentality of the corporate information officers was "You would never get fired for picking IBM." Same with ULA today as far as the US Air Force is concerned.
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    SpaceX, you need to hire/spend more on lobbyists. This is how it works here in the USA.
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    T. Dumpty
    Boeing and Lockheed have a special relationship with the generals. Money.
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    ULA has politicians in it's pocket and is a sudo political bureaucracy that needs money to keep it's inflated salaries and government money laundering afloat. Can have an upstart private company come in and take take over guaranteed government jobs. Any one that thinks ULA is a private company hasn't been paying attention. They just threw Bezo a bone thinking to stave off the wolves he has nothing working yet and who know when he will.
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    Looks like lobbyists keep their behemoth ULA afloat no matter what
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    It's really pretty simple. The USAF does not want to ever again be in a position of having only one launch provider. That was why the original EELV program was awarded to two companies: Boeing and Lockheed. Then, the telecom bubble burst, Boeing suffered the biggest GAO smackdown I've ever seen, and the two competitors had to merge their launch businesses just to stay alive, creating ULA, which enjoyed an effective monopoly on the US launch industry. (Well, there was also Orbital Sciences, but they were not competing in the same payload classes -- and took an even bigger hit off the telecom bubble bursting.) The Air Force isn't gonna let itself voluntarily enter another monopoly situation. SpaceX is very well established; they don't need help developing a new rocket at this point -- they've got a damn good rocket already. Delta IV is too expensive. And Atlas V requires Russian engines. (That made political sense at the time, when the idea was to get Energomash dependent on US funding in the lean post-Soviet years.) So they need to make sure at least one new rocket gets developed in the payload classes they're interested in for their very big satellites, and preferably two, since clearly funding development of just two rockets last time was not sufficient to prevent a monopoly situation. This makes sense to me. SpaceX wants to replace ULA, but as much as I like their vehicles, I don't want to swap one monopoly for another. We need a range of options, and that's going to require investment.