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Spam Experts Joins Forces with Dewaweb to Provide Top-Notch Spamless Email Services

Because Dewaweb is Concerned about the Safety of their Customers, They Were Inspired to Provide the Spam-Free Email Services to their Clients

JAKARTA, INDONESIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2015 / Dewaweb, a cloud web hosting company based in Indonesia, are pleased to announce that they have just partnered with Spam Experts. This partnership will allow the hosting murah company to provide top-quality spam-free email services to all of their customers.

The fact that Dewaweb is putting their customers' safety first probably does not come as a surprise to the many people who work with the cloud hosting and cloud server company. For people who are looking for outstanding cloud related hosting Indonesia based Dewaweb prides themselves on their outstanding customer service.

As a company spokesperson for the personal cloud hosting company noted, a great deal of businesses experience difficulty with spam, viruses and malware. In many cases, dealing with the volume of spam emails received each day is costing companies a great deal of time and effort. In order to overcome this vexing issue, Dewaweb is pleased to provide the SpamExperts Email Filtering Gateway, which can block almost all emails that contain spam, viruses and/or malware.

Prior to implementing the SpamExperts security solutions, the company spokesperson noted that the corporate cloud hosting company relied on an in-house program as well as other spam-fighting tools. Despite their best efforts, there was still quite a bit of spam messages that made it through to their customers' accounts. This resulted in Dewaweb's team having to spend a great deal of time tackling the spam email issue as well as responding to the affected customers.

"SpamExperts offers a comprehensive filtering solution, catching spam mail and viruses before they even reach the customer's servers, ensuring clean inboxes and preventing hours spent on manual filtering," the spokesperson said.

"The implementation of SpamExperts' solutions resulted in more value-added services for Dewaweb clients, which was the number one goal from the very beginning, increasing productivity for the team and for their customers."

Because of the central control server, the time that Dewaweb is spending on manual configurations has already been reduced to a minimum. As a bonus, the SpamExperts gateway has led to a reduction in client inquires about spam.

About Dewaweb:

Dewaweb is the leading brand for Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server and other web services in Indonesia. Dewaweb is committed to providing top quality Cloud Hosting Service for their customers in Indonesia with a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that includes a 100 percent uptime guarantee, a 90 day refund policy, 24/7 live support, premium features, unique innovations, excellent user experience, and affordable prices. For more information, please visit http://www.dewaweb.com/.


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