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Sparrow Digest Now Available on Bloomberg Terminals

LONDON, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sparrow, a digital new media startup that transforms scientific journals into easy-to-understand content, today announced its articles are now on Bloomberg Terminals. Sparrow fills the gap between journalism (biased) and scientific research (difficult to access) to create a new category of highly engaging content that is digestible and curated factually with no bias.

Trust in current information outlets is at a record low, yet demand for reliable and evidence-based information sourced straight from the experts is at an all time high. Sparrow content bridges this gap.

Sparrow offers a library of over 300 easy to read summaries derived from over 50,000 scientific journals.

The founding Sparrow team were frustrated that 97% of the world do not have access to or cannot easily make sense of high-integrity scientific research. They knew that this situation helps the spread of misinformation and pseudoscience. Sparrow scientists are balancing early research with more weighty studies to give readers a complete perspective on issues in their field of expertise. Some of the topics include:

Mental Health
Discoveries about disorders, how we think and how we can improve our mental health

Reproductive Health
Research and breakthroughs in fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

From the basics to promising new therapies, jargon-free summaries about cancer discoveries

How research into climate change and pollution leads to solutions in food security, conservation and energy consumption.

"We make science accessible by translating the evidence on critical issues like mental health and climate change to make it available and understandable to everyone," said Vivian Chan, CEO & co-founder of Sparrow. "Partnering with Bloomberg enables their decision makers to efficiently discover, understand and make informed decisions on today's most important scientific issues.

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About Sparrow

Sparrow is democratizing access to science by using scientists and AI to translate the latest scientific research into easy-to-read bite size summaries for the 97% of the world that can't access or understand it.

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