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This special anti-tipping cable protects your children from falling furniture

To avoid injuries that could crush or seriously injure your little one, this cable is specifically designed to keep your furniture attached to the wall and safe for kids.

We all know how curious infants and kids can be. One minute they're on top of you and the next thing you know, they're crawling and climbing onto anything within their reach. That's why this childproofing kit was created to help keep furniture or TVs secure in case your little ones start exploring.  

The Hangman Furniture Anti-Tip Kit comes with an aircraft grade steel cable that connects to one end to your furniture. Using a bracket that latches onto the wall, the desired piece of furniture becomes sturdy and secured. Its purpose is to prevent furniture from falling down and causing an accident. 

The kit includes a cable and bracket that are guaranteed to hold approximately 400 pounds. The Hangman works on dressers, curio cabinets, chests, and entertainment centers. Although many families in earthquake zones are used to securing their heavy furniture, it’s also a large part of childproofing your home. 

"We have these straps on all the dressers in our house and they've been installed for about a year or so, right after my son transferred to a toddler bed. This week I unfortunately got to test it out in action [...] Gave me a huge scare, but I'm so thankful we anchored the furniture in his room to the walls and that these straps really work!" says Amazon user, Kristin. 

To childproof your home today, get yourself a Hangman Kit on Amazon.