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Speed Up Your Website With Monsido's Performance Module

The Performance Module Ensures that Websites Perform Optimally to Meet Visitors' Expectations.

SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Monsido, a leader in web governance solutions that enhance user experience, has released the latest addition to their web governance and accessibility platform, the Performance module.

The Performance module is a tool that allows Monsido users to decrease their website's load time, thus enhancing user experience, increasing conversions, and improving search engine rankings.

The recent global impact of COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty for businesses and communities around the world. As social distancing and nationwide lockdowns are enforced, people are turning to the web to work, study, entertain themselves, and socialize. The sudden spike in web activity can affect websites by degrading site speed and significantly slowing down page load times. This can result in an overall negative user experience, which is not ideal at a time where there has never been more of a need for high-performance websites.

Monsido's Performance module will help users identify elements that cause slow load times and guide them on how to resolve these issues through targeted recommendations.

The Performance module is built on Google's Lighthouse API and has the capability to:

  • Speed up sites by auditing web pages with multiple daily scans, producing detailed reports with an average of overall website performance, and providing optimization suggestions for users to make targeted corrections
  • Allow customers to experience their site load times as their visitors do based on different profiles, devices, network speeds, and locations to assess site performance
  • Scan sites multiple times a day to see site performance at different traffic points
  • Present a historical overview of data that allows users to track performance trends and overall improvements in load times
  • Display the performance history of a single page to allow users to see how their score is improving per page.

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Jannik Grøntved, CEO of Monsido said:

"The Performance module is an important addition amongst the many features we are planning to roll out in the coming months to provide a complete optimization solution that covers all our customers' needs. We are excited to have our customers achieve the best performing site possible."

About Monsido

Monsido is a fast-growing software company founded in 2014 that provides a one-stop web governance solution designed to give website visitors a superior browsing experience. Our time-saving auditing tool provides accurate and insightful information that helps organizations work with confidence to identify accessibility and quality assurance issues. This enables them to optimize their online presence and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Monsido has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Denmark. For more information, visit www.monsido.com.



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