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Spiceworks Debuts Free Troubleshooting Application to Spot Connectivity Issues in Real Time

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - May 10, 2016) - Spiceworks, the professional network for IT, today announced Connectivity Dashboard, a free cloud-based troubleshooting application to help IT professionals proactively identify, diagnose, and quickly resolve connectivity issues. The dashboard is designed to simplify how IT professionals get their jobs done by enabling them to spend less time troubleshooting and more time on strategic IT projects.

"Our research shows IT professionals spend approximately half their time troubleshooting technology issues with hardware, applications, and operating systems," said Tabrez Syed, Vice President of Products at Spiceworks. "With the Connectivity Dashboard, IT professionals can now use real-time information to diagnose and solve problems quickly and effectively across their network. The app helps IT professionals make a bigger impact on their organization by giving them an extremely coveted and often scarce resource in their world -- time."

Connectivity Dashboard helps IT pros identify issues in real time

IT professionals no longer have to wait for end users to notice a slowdown and report a connection problem before acting. The Connectivity Dashboard helps IT professionals proactively identify network connection issues in their IT environment as they happen. Issues such as unresponsive applications, lagging internet connectivity, and site slowdowns are displayed in a grid-like view alongside the workstations and departments being impacted. IT professionals can subsequently identify whether issues represent a widespread outage impacting many employees or an isolated case affecting a single user.

"I'm often troubleshooting connectivity issues several times a day, and when an issue impacts end user productivity, it has to take priority over other longer-term IT projects for our organization," said Hans Stoelting, IT manager at DAPESA. "The new Connectivity Dashboard helps me identify bottlenecks or failures in connectivity often before end users do, so I can quickly resolve the problem and get back to my day."

The Connectivity Dashboard is currently in beta and is available today. More information can be found at www.spiceworks.com/it-troubleshooting/.

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