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Spider lip art is one creepy makeup look

Spider lip art is officially a thing. (Photo: Instagram/jessieleebeauty)

There seems to be no end in sight to the ways makeup artists are getting creative these days — from buzzy bumblebee eye makeup to squiggly eyebrows. And as will happen right before Halloween, things are about take a creepy turn, starting with the latest insect-inspired look to hit social media: spider lips.

“October is around the corner, which is an opportunity for makeup artists to get really weird and creative,” Jessie Hinds, who goes by @Jessieleebeauty on Instagram, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I wanted to do simple lip art to kick things off.”

What she created is one of the wildest lip art designs you will ever see — involving faux spiders that look a bit too real at first glance.

“I think I broke one of their legs with my tongue…” Hinds, 22, shared in her caption. “I want to say it’s because the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body (in comparison to its size) but apparently the internet now claims that as a myth.”

She went on to explain that she was inspired by another talented Instagram artist, @frenchtouchofmakeup, and her tattoo-liner stars look.  For Hinds’s spidery design, she used only three key products: Victoria’s Secret mint clear gloss as a base, NYX Cosmetics Crystal liner in black for the body, and snipped lashes for the legs.

It may look like at simple creation, but, she explained, it actually took about four to five hours to create. “The hardest part was doing the spider legs,” she says. “I initially tried using eyeliner, but I couldn’t get the precise line that I wanted. Then, I saw a pair of old, crusty lashes on my desk and right away got the idea to cut them up and use them as the legs — and they didn’t adhere to the gloss very well. The slightest breath could knock one off.”

Her post has gained lots of attention, and while some were amazed at Hinds’s skills, others were a little weirded out. One person wrote, “That’s so realistic it’s crazy! Great job!” Another chimed in with a sentiment that was the total opposite: “That is absolutely disgusting.”

Hinds took all the opinions in stride. “I’m glad not everyone loved it,” she says. “Sometimes that is the point of art — to make people uncomfortable, and there is no better time to do that than Halloween time.”

This isn’t the the first time the Indianapolis-based makeup artist has tried her hand at over-the-top looks. Keep scrolling to take a peek at some of her other work, including everything from beautiful florals to scary skulls.

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