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Spider-Man Unlimited review

Download.com staff

Spider-Man Unlimited combines great graphics, super-spidey skills, and the old-school feel of a classic runner game into one entertaining package. You can enjoy running, jumping, and swinging your way through the city while battling any goblins you find along the way on your quest to close the portal they've opened into the next dimension.


Intuitive controls: Controls for running, jumping, swinging, and fighting are all swipe-based and all very intuitive. You're introduced to them through the tutorial at the beginning of the game, and it takes very little time to get the hang of navigating through the various levels of the game.

Lots of elements: In addition to the expected runner game dynamics, this app also features an engaging storyline to help drive the action. Of course if you're not interested in that aspect of the app, you're perfectly free to skip it and get back to the action. You can also collect different Spider-men from different issues to help keep things fresh.


Lags and bugs: The game does sometimes take a long time to load. While this isn't a huge issue, it can get frustrating. We also encountered issues with landings that should have worked resulting in the loss of a turn and other operational bugs during testing.

Bottom Line

Spider-Man Unlimited is a well-crafted game, and it can be a lot of fun to play. While it does have some issues, these will hopefully be smoothed out over time through updates or maintenance.

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