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SplitmediaLabs Announces the Release of XSplit Broadcaster 1.2

HONG KONG--(Marketwire - Jan 15, 2013) - SplitmediaLabs has announced the immediate availability of XSplit Broadcaster 1.2. This latest update to the popular livestreaming and publishing application includes significant performance enhancements and support for new hardware devices.

XSplit Broadcaster 1.2 introduces performance enhancements for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms, including optimized screen capture and video game capture functionality for a range of popular games. While XSplit Broadcaster is widely used for live streaming and webcasting of any content, the latest features and improvements have been largely directed at live webcasting of video games and eSports events.

eSports live streaming has exploded in popularity during 2011 and 2012 and SplitmediaLabs has continually worked closely together with the game developers, networks and platforms that have helped shape the future of eSports and online video games TV. 

"During the last two years, Twitch has become the world's largest video platform and community for gamers," said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch. "We're experiencing incredible growth in viewers tuning in, with thousands of new content creators signing up every day. Availability of tools like XSplit, which allow our broadcasters to configure and stream their gameplay, are a large reason why more and more broadcasters are able to easily set up a Twitch channel. XSplit Broadcaster is the preferred choice by many of our broadcasters, so we look forward to putting this new version of the product in the hands of live streamers on Twitch."

This latest version of XSplit includes a host of new technology implemented under the hood which benefits not only this version of XSplit, but also lays the foundation for brand new editions of the XSplit product that will be introduced later in 2013.

While significant work has been done to develop core technologies and to optimize existing functionality, the XSplit team has also spent time working with hardware manufacturers to implement support for existing and upcoming devices. In XSplit 1.1, SplitmediaLabs introduced support for the excellent PCI capture card Live Gamer HD from AVerMedia and in XSplit 1.2, the XSplit team is proud to introduce support for new USB 2 devices -- hereunder Game Capture HD from Elgato.

"The Game Capture HD from Elgato is definitely one of the highest quality USB 2 capture devices we have seen, so we are very happy to have had the chance to work with the Elgato team to make sure that users of the Elgato Game Capture HD device experience a 'plug and play' integration with XSplit. For users looking for a portable USB 2 device to capture content from gaming consoles, this is absolutely one of the best capture devices out there," says CEO of SplitmediaLabs, Henrik Levring.


XSplit Broadcaster is one of the world's most popular broadcasting and live streaming applications with a user base ranging from teenage hobbyists to professional casters. It allows users to stream presentations and live gameplay while taking advantage of TV-like broadcasting features that anyone can learn to master. Since its public beta release in November 2010, the product has become the de facto standard for Internet livestream production in many areas, including social and professional video game broadcasting. XSplit Broadcaster is developed, published, and distributed by SplitmediaLabs.

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SplitmediaLabs Limited is an innovative, Hong Kong-based software company specializing in the development of applications and technology that enables rich media to be used for visual presentation and communication. Since its inception in late 2009, SplitmediaLabs has published 3 extensive multimedia toolkits which have been licensed to some of the world's most prominent companies, some of which are included in the Fortune 500 list. XSplit Broadcaster is the company's first consumer application, developed and published by SplitmediaLabs Limited.