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Spokesman confirms that George Soros, age XXX, is alive and well

Kevin J. Delaney

“The report this evening on Reuters that George Soros has died is false,” Michael Vachon, a spokesman for the financier, just told Quartz after speaking with his boss. “George Soros is alive and well.”

Reuters accidentally published a pre-written obituary of Soros about an hour ago. The 1,145-word story is surprisingly tart, beginning with this sentence: “George Soros, who died XXX at age XXX, was a predatory and hugely successful financier and investor, who argued paradoxically for years against the same sort of free-wheeling capitalism that made him billions.”

For the record, Soros is 82 years old.

Though the premature obituary is still online as of this writing, Reuters quickly retracted the piece with a tweet:

Reuters published an obituary of George Soros in error. Reuters withdrew the article as soon as it appeared.—
Reuters Top News (@Reuters) April 18, 2013

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