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SPORTBLX & Charlotte Hornets' PJ Washington Make History with First-Ever Financial Shares Offering with an Athlete Made Available to the General Public

·7 mins read

100,000 Shares of Series A Stock to be Offered in the Groundbreaking Partnership

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- One thing that sports fans have in common is they invest a lot of time, energy and passion into their favorite sports teams and players. Now thanks to SportBLX, an innovative investment platform that allows fans and investors anywhere in the world to own shares of unique assets in sports, fans can directly engage with, and invest with, the athletes and sports teams they love with their own money.

SportBLX, today announced the offering of 100,000 shares of Series A Stock of the PJ Washington Inc., which features their first official player partner, Charlotte Hornets rookie, PJ Washington. This news marks the first time ever that the general public can invest alongside a professional athlete in a non-traditional asset.

The releasing of these shares now allows sports fans and investors to invest with PJ Washington. At $100 per share fans can have a true partnership with Washington and his personal financial success. The 100,000 shares will accrue at an annual rate of 5%, and they have potential upside from the corporation's operations in areas such as non-exclusive branding, wealth management advisory and more.

SportBLX has changed the sports investment landscape by giving fans the ability to use their sports knowledge and expertise to potentially earn investment income in a unique way and make what was previously unattainable, sports ownership and direct fan engagement, available to the masses.

"I am honored to be the first official athlete partner of SportBLX," said Washington. "Working with the team to form the corporation, PJ Washington Inc., and making history with the release of shares to the public for them to invest with a professional athlete, is an exciting thing to be a part of and I look forward to connecting with my fans and investors in a whole new way."

SportBLX offers a new way for athletes like Washington to invest in themselves and their own long-term future, while being able to directly engage with their fans on a deeper level than ever before. It also gives professional athletes the unique opportunity to monetize their future earnings through multiple avenues. The transaction enables long-term investment planning and professional asset management, thus giving athletes an opportunity to generate wealth off the court/field.

"We are thrilled to partner with PJ and make him the first of many future sports offerings available for everyday fans to invest in," said SportBLX co-founder, Joseph De Perio. "We believe that this partnership is going to change the sports investment landscape for the better and launch a whole new way of investing in sports and financial empowerment of professional athletes."

SportBLX now has sports offerings within the horse racing and the NBA (Washington) worlds with a future eye towards expansion into baseball, football and golf athletes in addition to professional sports franchises around the world.

Fans and investors can sign up for access to the SportBLX platform, open an account and begin investing in sports assets. The offering is open to accredited and non-accredited investors.

About SportBLX
SportBLX is a technology platform that enables sports fans and investors to purchase shares in sports assets via an online platform, including securities backed by player contributions, revenue-share interests in player earnings, and equity interests in teams. The company partners with existing brokers/dealers that distribute the securities. For more information visit www.sportblx.com.

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