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Sporting Goods Stock Posts Good Results

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 13, 2013) - Markets are bullish on the strength of improved economic condition. Consumer goods sector has also responded well to the stimuli. Various specialty retail stores have announced good results. Pool Corp. ( NASDAQ : POOL ) narrowed down its quarterly loss and its stock posted good returns. The company is also expecting better results for the current financial year. Nautilus Inc. ( NYSE : NLS ) also posted positive quarterly results. The company is now looking to expand its reach in the market through licensing deals. Overall scenario in the sporting goods segment looks upbeat and is expected to continue the momentum.

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Nautilus Inc. reported strong results for its fourth quarter. The company reported its revenue for the quarter at $65 million, in-line with the consensus estimates. Its EPS stood at 23 cents per share which is a growth of 109 percent from its prior year quarter's EPS of 11 cents. Nautilus also improved its gross margin to 48.3 percent and its net margin to 20.9 percent. For its first quarter, the company expects to earn $55.2 million in revenue and its EPS is likely to remain at 11 cents per share.

The company is also increasing its operations and has recently decided to license its brands. It has hired an agency to market its Bowflex and Nautilus brands. The company CEO stated, "We see great potential in expanding these brands through new licensing opportunities that will deliver high quality fitness solution products to consumers... "

The company already has a licensing deal with Med-Fit Systems Inc., which is set to expire later this year. The stock has grown 99 percent hitherto this year while its 52 weeks gain stands at 164.77 percent. Nautilus expects its top-line to strengthen and the stock may show the impact of these positive results.

Conversely, Pool Corp. narrowed down its net loss for the fourth quarter of the year. The company reported 17 cents per share in net loss, down from 21 cents per share in loss it had suffered for the corresponding quarter of the last year. Pool Corp. also reported 13.5 percent increase in its quarterly results. Its revenue for the quarter stood at $306.8 million. The company showed overall improvement as its gross profit also increased 10 percent to $88.9 million. For its full year, Pool Corp. earned $1.85 per share in net income while its net sales touched $1.95 billion.

The stock has grown more than 13 percent so far in 2013, outperforming broader markets. The company also provided 1.36 percent dividend yield, offering good returns to its investors. It recently paid 16 cents per share in quarterly dividend. Pool Corp. expects its FY2013 earnings to be in the range of $2.13 and $2.23 per share and the stock is expected to perform well on the back of improved results. The company has improved its EPS in the past three years and the trend is likely to continue.

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