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Spot Publishes New Study Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Skier Sentiment

AUSTIN, Texas, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Young, local and avid, loyal skiers across the United States weigh in on how they have been impacted by COVID-19, how it has affected their ski plans, and what the pandemic might mean for the 20/21 ski season and beyond. As for the ski industry, navigating this crisis will require a careful response; one that includes thoughtful and sensitive messaging, creative strategizing in terms of how to reassure skiers, and a willingness to think outside the box when it comes to incentivizing skiers who have been economically impacted by the crisis -- what does that look like? 

Spot surveyed over 800 avid skiers and snowboarders. Here’s an inside look at injuries they’ve had, out-of-pocket costs they’ve faced, and how that compares to Spot’s top injury claims.

Spot, an insurtech company that provides injury insurance to athletes and adventurers, published a new report based upon the responses from over 800 avid skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts amidst the pandemic. Entitled 2020 COVID-19 SKIER SENTIMENT REPORT, the report provides insight into:

  • How and to what degree COVID-19 has affected ski plans for the 20/21 ski season
  • How the industry can plan around the high levels of uncertainty that are likely to plague skiers next season
  • How the pandemic is impacting a new generation of skiers and shaping the future of the sport
  • What strategies the industry might explore in coming seasons

"Our hope is to better understand the long-lasting effects something as traumatic as COVID-19 may have on skier behavior beyond 2020. Knowing that the industry will face unexpected disruptions, it is vitally important for resorts to support guests as their mindset towards work and travel evolve," explained Spot's vice president, Nabil Rahman.

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the report here:



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