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Spotify Playlist Submission and Placement For Music Artists To Increase Spotify Stats & Streams: Pitch And Submit Your Music To The Best Spotify Playlist Curators For Organic Playlist Placement Music Promotion – Bestsellermarket.com

·5 min read

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For music artists, organic Spotify playlist music promotions to increase Spotify stats is all about playlist placements. A music artist with Spotify login can access Spotify for artists daily and check Spotify stats, Spotify streams and the best Spotify playlist that is promoting their track. Spotify playlist placement music promotion is far more valuable and effective than buying Spotify streams because your account can be shut down by spotify.

But to get on these big Spotify playlists, you must pitch and submit your music to Spotify playlist curators for playlist placements. Bestsellermarket.com has a very strong curator network of 2,742 verified and popular playlist curators from all over the world that accept our submissions. These curators have a combined reach of over 115 million active listeners. Over the years, Bestseller market has created a special relationship with these verified playlist curators and we can assure you that they will listen to your submission and contact you directly.

As a creator, you don't just make music for yourself, you make music because you want fans to listen to you. For musicians, television & radio music promotion is no longer as relevant as it used to be because music fans now prefer streaming services like youtube, spotify and apple music. Many talented artists find difficulty in establishing their presence on streaming platforms like Spotify, with the algorithm not recognizing the potential in good music. Unfortunately, these algorithms now dictate if a talented artist takes off or not. Services like Spotify, youtube and apple music are driven by algorithms that identify rising songs and artists, then boost them even further. However, getting that first bit of momentum is one of the biggest hurdles musicians face.

The entertainment industry changed permanently post Covid-19.

Post Covid-19, the only realistic way to get your sound out there is via playlist placements as clubs are closed and Deejay's are less relevant because of social distancing. When your music is added to a playlist, all the listeners of that playlist will be forced to play your music, thereby organically increasing your algorithm ranking, monthly listeners, streams and royalties. But your song might never be added to any playlist if you do not submit to the playlist curators as there are billions of tracks out there to choose from. Like you know, life is a game of numbers and everything is achievable. You just need to connect with the right people. If you are looking to increase your audience and you do everything right but do one or two things wrong, you will most likely end up with the wrong result. This sounds weird but it is true.

Communication in English is based off 24 alphabets and 10 numbers. If you can analyze these keywords and contact the people who showed interest in keywords that relate to your career, you will find success in virtually everything you do.

Bestseller marketing agency knows that playlist curators prefer to talk directly to musicians instead of receiving bulk song recommendations from promotional companies so they decided that every campaign will come with a brand new custom pitch which they will send out from the backend and redirect the replies to the musician’s email. Thereby permanently connecting musicians directly to 2,742 big playlist curators. With this method, the playlist curator will never know that the campaign was sent by a 3rd party. They will see it like the artiste or their team member reached out directly to them. Thereby increasing the success rate for every campaign. That is why every customer is asked to fill this form before their campaign kicks off


Unlike playlist push and submit hub, instead of keeping these priceless playlist curator contacts to themselves and asking musicians to pay them for promotion every time they release a song, Bestseller marketing agency decided to connect these musicians directly to playlist curators for a one-time fee as against offering a subscription service. With our campaign method, they will just sit back and get a lot of replies from playlist curators who love their music. Mind you, these replies will show your original pitch and the private email addresses of big playlist curators.


Since bestseller marketing agency is a sales and keyword analytic company, they can also solve other problems for musician’s asides playlist submissions. For instance," The Gore Boys - spend a bag" track. Bestseller market organically pitched the song to Spotify and youtube playlist curators, deejays, dancers for #spendabagdancechallenge #tgbrocksdancechallenges #tgbrocks on instagram, youtube, Tiktok. They also created and distributed press releases which landed on Nbc, yahoo news and more.

Bestseller market is here to help musicians and business owners achieve success because they believe success is easy. The most important and precious gift is life.

10 Reasons why other playlist pitch and submission services have far less success rate compared to bestsellermarket.com.

  1. Sending your song to curators with fake followers and listeners.

  2. Not pitching your music properly with confidence and emotional triggers.

  3. Using spam trapped words in your email pitch.

  4. Not sending your pitch to enough curators.

  5. Sending your music to playlist curator’s old email.

  6. Using companies that don't let you connect directly with big curators.

  7. Grammatical errors or wrong email subjects.

  8. Not sending your submission to the curators focused Inbox

  9. Sending your pitch at the wrong time of the day

  10. Sending the wrong type of Spotify link

Even if you do everything correct and you make any of this mistakes, you might not see an increase in your monthly listeners or the celebrity status you deserve. Bestseller market wants to professionally help serious indie musicians and record labels pitch and organically promote their music to the biggest playlist curators on the planet. As proof of work, Bestseller marketing will also redirect the curators replies to the client’s personal email address so that musicians can connect directly with playlist curators, deejays, blogs, labels & radio for current and future projects thereby ensuring the musicians long term success.

All serious musicians and record labels are now invited to benefit from bestseller market advanced spotify playlist submission service and other organic music promotion services.

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