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Sprint follows T-Mobile’s lead with new unlimited data plan for seniors

Christian de Looper
Sprint has announced a new unlimited data plan built specifically for seniors and coming in at only $70 for two lines. Of course, the new plan has some serious competition -- T-Mobile's seniors plan comes at the same price.

After rumors about the plan hit the mill a few weeks ago, Sprint has announced a new unlimited data plan built specifically for seniors. The 55-plus plan is aimed at offering the older smartphone users among us a way to get as much data as they need at a very affordable price.

And affordable it is. While the standard non-age-restricted unlimited data plan can run well into the $60-$70 range, Sprint’s unlimited data plan for seniors comes in at $50 per month for the first line, and as little as $20 per month for a second line. What that means is that with Autopay set up, seniors can get unlimited data for as little as $35 per month per line.

The new plan includes a few perks that Sprint customers might enjoy. For starters, seniors will get Sprint Global Roaming, which allows for unlimited texts and “basic data” at no extra charge in 185 countries. Sprint is framing the ability to stream at 480p an advantage too — but that’s a low resolution that’s really outdated in 2018, so we think the fact that streaming is limited to such a resolution is more of a downside. In fact, Sprint is forcing users to pay extra if they want better-quality streaming — $10 extra per month will get streaming at 1,080p.

Of course, there’s an elephant in the room here — and that’s T-Mobile’s almost-identical plan, which also gives senior customers unlimited data for $70 per month for two lines. In the end, however, the T-Mobile plan is far better. T-Mobile, for example, offers better roaming than Sprint as it boasts unlimited data while roaming at 128kbps, instead of capping speeds at 50kbps, like Sprint does.

In the end, however, the plan that’s right for you will probably depend on what carrier you’re familiar with. If you’re already a Sprint customer, it makes sense to stick with Sprint — and the same is true for T-Mobile. Ultimately, it may not matter anyway — T-Mobile and Sprint have announced their intention to merge. So even if you go with Sprint, you may end up with T-Mobile in the next few years regardless, considering the resulting company of the merger is set to keep the T-Mobile name.

Updated on May 17: Sprint’s seniors plan is now available.