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'Squad day' is the latest excuse for high schoolers to dress up with their friends

Teens are dressing up with their “squads” for homecoming squad day. (Photo: Twitter/_sydjo)

High schools are continuing to get more creative with homecoming themes, going from spirit day to meme day, to now squad day. The day dedicated to dressing up with your “squad” — whether that means friends, teammates, or even teachers — has groups of people dressing up in matching outfits. And although it’s just a fun excuse to dress how you want with whom you want, it’s also led to some amazing photos on social media.

Students participating in the day have taken serious advantage of the photo-op potential by looking their best and twinning with their besties, whether it be their first year celebrating or their last.

One favorite choice happened to be denim on denim, which two groups pulled off oh so well.

But when it comes down to ultimate #squadgoals, this group of world-history teachers might take the cake.

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