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Squeeze Report Inc. Engaged in Media Advertisement With Earth Science Tech, Inc.


Squeeze Report Inc. engaged in media advertisement with Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST) on November 27th, 2017 for a period of 30 days. Earth Science Tech, Inc. will advertise on Squeeze Reports’ website and outgoing emails. Squeeze Reports’ user base of stock investors utilizes short information for stocks trading on the OTC, NASDAQ and NYSE markets.

“We are delighted to have Earth Science Tech as one of our media advertisement customers and hope to continue that relationship in the coming months,” said Sandra Dubeau, president of Squeeze Report.

About Squeeze Report, Inc.

Squeeze Report, Inc. is a Silicon Valley software company with proprietary predictive stock-trading algorithm software and two-dimensional artificial intelligence software that operates Squeeze Report's technology. The members of the Squeeze Report website (http://squeezereport.com) are allowed to utilize the proprietary predictive stock-trading algorithm among other financial related information. Squeeze Report Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanwire Corporation (SNWR).

About Earth Science Tech, Inc.

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