October 21, 2015: The Technology of ‘Back to the Future’ Is Here-ish!

In 1989, teenage time traveler Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) returned to theaters in Back to the Future Part II, the sequel to director Robert Zemeckis’s original sci-fi comedy classic. As the story unfolds, Marty and his temporal travel guide, Doctor Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), flash forward in time to the exotic future environs of Oct. 21, 2015.

Alert readers will note the proximity of that particular date. So how does the movie’s conception of future sci-fi technology match up to our current reality? It gets kind of interesting, actually. And that’s not even counting the baseball thing.

Take a look at our heavy comparison of 2015s above. (And no, neither suffers from any problems with the Earth’s gravitational pull.)

Glenn McDonald writes about the intersections of technology and culture at glenn-mcdonald.com and via Twitter @glennmcdonald1.