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SSuite Office WordGraph review

Download.com staff

SSuite Office WordGraph is a free word processor that is part of a larger (but still free) office productivity suite. WordGraph isn't a Word clone, and it's not fully compatible with the latest Word release, but it's compatible with earlier Word versions and many other formats, and it also integrates with Accel Spreadsheet and other SSuite office tools. WordGraph includes extras like an envelope printer and online dictionaries.


Uses less resources: WordGraph doesn't need additional software, like Java or .NET, keeping its footprint light compared to similar freeware word processors.

PDFs: The ability to create and edit PDFs without Adobe Acrobat or similar programs is an advantage for WordGraph.

Presentations: You can create presentations in WordGraph that display in Web browsers.


Partly compatible: WordGraph is compatible with some older Office formats but not more recent versions. For example, DOC files created in WordGraph will open in Word v14 (Office 2010), but not vice versa.

No exit button on tabs: You can't close an open document from its tab but must click the Close button all the way to the right. It's awkward and makes it too easy to close the whole program.

No Help: We couldn't open WordGraph's Help file without downloading extra software due to longstanding Windows compatibility issues. The developer, not the customer, should fix the problem.

Bottom Line

WordGraph needs certain performance and feature improvements, as well as a built-in Help menu. Still, it is worth a try if you're looking for a free word processor.

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