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St. Patrick's Day 2018: Top 10 places to grab a beer and celebrate

AOL.com editors

Whether you're heading to the pub with some friends or taking the streets for a green-fueled parade, there's one thing that almost every single St. Patrick's Day has in common: Beer. 

It's a staple of the celebration, with millions of people all over the world toasting their pints to the popular holiday.  But if you're still struggling to make those final plans for Saturday's extravaganza, Lyft has got you covered.

The beloved transportation company has researched the ten most popular places to celebrate the holiday across the country. In analyzing drop-off data across top markets, Lyft found that St. Patrick's Day enthusiasts were ditching local Irish pubs in favor of chain staples such as The Cheesecake Factory and Applebee's.

However, there were also a few local breweries that made it on the list.

From Boston to LA, Philly to Nashville, scroll through above to see Lyft's ultimate St. Patrick's Day guide

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