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Stacey Abrams Tells Oprah Why She Wears Purple

oprah winfrey campaigns with democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams
Oprah & Stacey Abrams on What the Governor DoesJessica McGowan - Getty Images
oprah winfrey campaigns with democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams
Oprah joined Abrams on the campaign trail in 2018.Jessica McGowan - Getty Images

The friendship between Oprah and Stacey Abrams goes back to 2018, when Oprah campaigned for Abrams on her first run for governor of Georgia. Abrams lost that election to Brian Kemp, but she’s back in 2022, fighting for the rights of all Georgians.

In 2018, Oprah joined Abrams in person, giving an electric speech and knocking on doors to encourage voter turnout. In 2022, Oprah instead joined Abrams for a virtual conversation, which aired last night. If you weren’t able to tune in to “Oprah Winfrey and Stacey Abrams Present: A Thriving Life,” here’s what you missed.

The Governor’s Role Is Different from That of Other Politicians

“Most people don’t get what the governor is,” Abrams said. So Oprah helped clarify it: “The governor is the person who protects the freedoms of the people in their state. [That] is where you are allowing your power as a citizen of that state, your vote as a citizen of that state, your voice as a citizen of that state, to be heard.” Abrams further explained that as a citizen, you should be asking whether the candidate you’re voting for cares—and whether they’ll help. “When people hear the answer—that I care and will help—that’s how we change the lethargy,” she said.

Abrams Wants All Georgians to Thrive—and That’s Why She Wears Purple

“I want to serve you, whether you like me or not,” Abrams told Oprah. “Our mission statement is One Georgia. No matter who you are, no matter who you vote for, I want to be your governor.” She explained that being a leader means supporting the entire state—not just Democrats or Republicans—and purple represents both “the color of energy” and a mixing of red and blue. “We are best when we are melding together the greatest ideas of everyone,” Abrams said. Spoken like a true leader.

stacey abrams begins bus tour as she campaigns for governor of georgia
Abrams wearing purple on the campaign trail in Jonesboro, Georgia, on October 18, 2022.Megan Varner - Getty Images

Your Vote Does Matter

“There’s this lethargy around voting,” Oprah said to Abrams, who agreed that there’s an immense amount of “distrust and despair” around elections—particularly over the past several years. But heading to the polls before and on election day is an impactful way to make your voice heard. And as Oprah and Abrams explained later, voting for governor is an especially important part.

Progress Is Possible

Abrams’s loss in 2018 may have been a setback, but it wasn’t all for nothing. “I didn’t win, but I made more progress than other people did,” Abrams said to Oprah. “And that means there’s other progress that still waits.” If elected governor in 2022, Abrams has a big list of ways to make progress, including investing in childcare and education, increasing healthcare access, creating affordable housing, repealing the abortion ban, and enacting commonsense, bipartisan-supported gun laws.

For more information on Abrams and how to vote in Georgia, visit StaceyAbrams.com/voting.

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