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Stadiumred Group Acquires New York & L.A.-Based MagicBullet Media, Adding Content and Storytelling to Agency Collective Offering

New York-headquartered Stadiumred Group, a marketing agency holding company, has acquired New York and L.A.-based MagicBullet Media, a video production and creative content media agency. The acquisition was official as of November of 2018, but the transaction is only now being announced publicly. George & Karina Bennett, the founding partners, will stay on to lead the agency into the future with George continuing as CEO and Karina continuing to lead projects. This acquisition is the third by Stadiumred since announcing its plans to grow its overall agency holdings to better serve its wide range of clients and to further its mission to cultivate positive change.

NEW YORK, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A content creation and storytelling powerhouse, MagicBullet Media has worked with clients such as 7-Eleven, Nike, Disney, EA Sports, Sunglass Hut, Fast Company, Victoria's Secret, Unicef, and Frito Lay to move brands forward through impactful video content. "It was the logical next step for us as a group," said the CEO of the Stadiumred Group, Claude Zdanow as he continues to focus on finding the best agencies to build Stadiumred's holdings. "I knew from the first time I met the Bennetts that their agency marries quality with creativity. I also knew how much it could benefit from our group platform both operationally and from an offering perspective," says Zdanow. "It is no secret that content is king these days and while already helping brands with both strategy and amplification, it was obvious that we were missing the middle piece, which was the ability to provide top-notch content to our clients. MagicBullet Media fills that void." This is the third acquisition Stadiumred has done and it has been in the works for nearly 2 years.

With years of high-level production and execution of marketing campaigns, live events, films, and more, MagicBullet has been the go-to content agency for some of the country's most notable brands. MagicBullet Media will be able to offer even more to their long-standing clients while maintaining the attention to detail and high-level work they are known for. Their clients will continue to be served by the teams they have come to trust and count on, and now have access to the Stadiumred Group's network to leverage enhanced capabilities. Digital marketing, web development, experiential marketing, and branding are available through SevenBlue and Gyrosity Projects; Stadiumred Group's other agencies.

"Partnering up with Claude and the Stadiumred family was great for us. It allowed us to be part of a bigger team that complements our MagicBullet family well and is allowing us to scale up quickly to provide even better service to our clients," says G. Bennett. "We're all learning from each other and the atmosphere of growth is invigorating. I'm already using the added resources the Stadiumred Group brings to support some of the philanthropic endeavors that I'm passionate about. With more capabilities comes an increased ability to help people, whether it's a project for a non-profit or for a long-standing client," says K. Bennett.

About Stadiumred Group

The Stadiumred Group is a global marketing agency holding company with a rich history that started in the music industry and evolved over the past eleven years. A history that has propelled Stadiumred Group to become a leader in growing businesses through its unique approach to marketing and building companies, across industries. Founded on an idea of what a brand should be, the Stadiumred Group was founded in 2007 and has offices across New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. From the early days, in the incredibly competitive music industry, to today, when the group has grown far beyond the music and operates companies in marketing verticals, ranging from digital advertising to experiential marketing, and beyond. Always pushing boundaries, Stadiumred is about a passion for the arts, a love of life, quality service, innovation, fun and a sense of making a difference.

About MagicBullet Media

Telling brand stories through compelling content is at the core of MagicBullet Media. With decades of experience creating everything from commercials, advertising campaigns, social video content, short films, and more, MagicBullet is the leader in telling stories and communicating powerful messages through video. This includes all supporting elements like casting, talent acquisition, media buys, and beyond. Founded in 2008 by George & Karina Bennett, MagicBullet Media was built a name for itself working with some of the foremost brands in the world, including 7-Eleven, Nike, Disney, EA Sports, Sunglass Hut, Fast Company, Victoria's Secret, Unicef, and Frito Lay, amongst many others.