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Kuvera Startups Showing Early Growth

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2018 / Investview Corporation (INVU) through its wholly owned subsidiary Kuvera LLC sees early growth in companies featured in their unique product called Kuvera Startups.

Kuvera Startups helps an individual navigate the enormous market of equity crowdfunding. Kuvera's Market Expert Michael Markowski researches companies in the equity crowdfunding arena and provides Kuvera customers key financial information and research for their consideration.

StartEngine, an early Kuvera Startups selection shows tangible growth in value.

"The share price of StartEngine, the first company added to Kuvera Startups at the end of 2017 has increased by 100%. After the $5 per share offering closed in June, StartEngine immediately announced its intention to launch another offering at $10 per share. The increase is best attributed to StartEngine's cryptocurrency infrastructure," said Michael Markowski, Kuvera's Market Expert.

ChoiceTrade, an on-line broker that was added to the Kuvera portfolio on May 17th, 2018 may follow the same trajectory as StartEngine as it has announced its plan for adding crypto infrastructure services. Choicetrade is available at $1.50 per share with a minimum investment of $99 through the Netcapital crowdfunding platform.

Michael Markowski added, "Choicetrade is positioning itself to be the Ameritrade of Cryptocurrency." See Trophy Investing article of June 4th, 2018: http://trophyinvesting.com/could-the-ameritrade-of-crypto-potentially-be-choicetrade/

Kuvera customers are provided comprehensive research and financial information on the companies selected for the Kuvera Startups portfolio aiding them in their crowdfunding analysis.

"Kuvera Startups is one of my favorite products because it provides me the opportunity to have access to key information on new companies in the market with exciting potential. In the past only those with a huge net-worth were able to participate. I believe this is information that could literally be worth over a million dollars," said Priscilla del Rayo Lopez, Kuvera Startups customer.

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United Games started in early 2016 with a great idea to leverage the viral and simple nature of sharing and using mobile apps and bringing that world together with the Affiliate marketing world. United Games developed the popular app FireFan, which launched on Thanksgiving Day 2016, immediately becoming the top trending mobile app in iTunes at launch & a top sports app entry many times more. FireFan has had over half a million downloads with over half a million games played monthly and is available to download and play for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. www.unitedgames.com.

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